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Shwe Mandalay

Battle Creek, MI has welcomed approximately 3,300 Burmese people during the past two decades and the population keeps growing. Participating in many local events, Burmese people and their food get attention from community members who request a Burmese restaurant when they taste our delicious cuisine. Despite the high demand from both the Burmese community and other Americans, Battle Creek does not have a Burmese restaurant yet. 

Shwe Mandalay is the solution to bring a unique experience for the people of Battle Creek to enjoy exquisite cuisine and learn the Burmese culture. Burmese people, at the same time, will have an opportunity to enjoy their native cuisine, helping them feel like home in their new home. 

After 50 years of military domination, Burma is an incredibly isolated country. As a result, most Americans are unfamiliar with Burmese food. Burmese cuisine is greatly influenced by and is a fusion of its neighboring countries China, India, and Thailand, but it has a unique taste. Shwe Mandalayteam members Amanda Sunthang, Jennifer & Roger Cole, Shiang & Stan Thuahzathang are passionate about sharing our Burmese Cuisine. We will bring our talents, experiences, and most importantly, our passion of creating Burmese cuisine to provide the greater Battle Creek community their best Burmese dining experience.

451 W. Michigan Ave. Battle Creek, MI 49037 ** 269-753-1702 **